Netflix has finally announced a release date for the third and final season of Vikings: Valhalla, the hit TV series that charts the journeys of Leif Erikson, Harald Sigurdsson, and Freydís Eiríksdóttir

The streaming platform has confirmed that the new season will be available to Netflix viewers on July 11, 2024. So, what have we seen so far, and what can viewers expect as the series reaches its conclusion? 

The sequel to a classic 

Vikings: Valhalla is the sequel to the hugely successful History Channel series Vikings, which told the epic story of Ragnar Lothbrok and his sons as they rampaged across England and Paris, causing significant havoc in Scandinavia as well. 

With a total of 89 episodes over six seasons, Vikings was an all-encompassing exploration of Viking history and myth

Other memorable characters drawn from historical records and the Icelandic sagas included the shieldmaiden Lagertha, Ragnar's first wife; Rollo of Normandy; Harald Fairhair, the first king of Norway; Flóki, the discoverer of Iceland; and the Anglo-Saxon monarch Alfred the Great

The series also took us to a host of other locations, including Spain, the Middle East, Kievan Rus, Iceland, Greenland, and even America

Vikings: Valhalla takes place approximately 100 years after the original series. 

Although the semi-mythical location of Kattegat is retained, and both Harald Sigurdsson and his half-brother Olaf are the great-grandsons of Harald Fairhair, there are few other concrete connections between the two series. 

At the same time, the spirit of adventure and the intoxicating combination of violence, romance, history, and exploration remains much the same. 

The new and final season of Vikings: Valhalla is announced to show Harald Sigurdsson preparing to return to Norway, while Freydís Eiríksdóttir appears to be seeking a new home away from Jomsburg. Photo: Bernard Walsh / Netflix

Season 1 recap: Power games 

In season one of Vikings: Valhalla, the siblings Leif Erikson (Sam Corlett) and Freydís Eiríksdóttir (Frida Gustavsson) travel from their home in Greenland to Kattegat with a small band of companions. 

Their mission is to take revenge on the man who raped Freydís. However, after Freydís succeeds in slaying her assailant, the group is forced to join the army of King Canute (Bradley Freegard) as compensation for the attack. 

Canute is preparing to strike England in retaliation for the brutal St. Brice's Day Massacre and also recruits two princes of Norway, Harald Sigurdsson (Leo Suter) and his half-brother Olaf Haraldsson (Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson). 

After helping the Vikings triumph against King Edmund in London, Eriksson stays in England to help the Norse secure power. 

Eiríksdóttir, on the other hand, makes a pilgrimage to the temple of Uppsala in Sweden but is pursued by the terrifying Kåre (Asbjørn Krogh Nissen), a Christian raider bent on eliminating all the pagans of Norway. 

At the temple, Freydís is told of her destiny as the protector of all those who worship the old gods. Yet after her departure, Kåre and his fellow Vikings lay waste to Uppsala in a vicious attack. 

The season concludes with a fierce battle in Kattegat as the Viking forces converge to wrest control of the strategically important city. 

Olaf initially triumphs against Jarl Haakon, who has Harald and Leif on her side, but the Norwegian prince is swiftly foiled by the arrival of Canute's father, Sweyn Forkbeard

In the meantime, Freydís and a badly wounded Harald must flee to the forests, while Leif is left devastated and disheartened following his lover Liv's (Lujza Richter) death in the battle. 

Executive producer Jeb Stuart has confirmed that the third season will wrap up all major plotlines, bringing closure to the series with a dramatic conclusion that ties together the fates of the main characters. Photo: Bernard Walsh / Netflix

Season 2 recap: New journeys 

In season two, we find Freydís and Harald holed up in a countryside shack, blissfully unaware of the world's troubles until Leif arrives to warn them that Olaf is on the hunt and plans to kill them both. 

The trio eventually manages to escape with the help of Jorundr (Stanislav Callas), a Jomsviking

Freydís and Harald, however, decide to separate after acknowledging that their differences are too great to reconcile – Freydís still believes in the old gods, while Harald is a Christian and hell-bent on restoring his kingdom. 

Just before their departure, Freydís reveals to Leif – but not Harald – that she is carrying Harald's child. 

From here, their paths diverge dramatically. Freydís is brought to Jomsborg, where she is appointed head priestess and gives birth to her son. 

Yet she soon becomes embroiled in a deadly struggle for power and influence with the local leader, Harekr (Bradley James). 

Harald and Leif instead head to the Rus stronghold of Novgorod before embarking on an Odyssey-like expedition by ship to Constantinople in search of money and further glory. 

They are accompanied by a disparate crew that includes fellow warriors, Irish slaves, a learned Muslim woman, and a wretched slave owner. 

In the eighth and final episode, we leave Harald and Leif on the cusp of Constantinople as the emperor ventures out to meet them. 

Back in Jomsburg, Freydís is forced first to defeat Harekr in single combat, then deal with an invasion from Olaf. Fortunately, she is able to repel the attacking force, vanquish Olaf, and restore order to the settlement. 

The end is nigh 

The show's co-creator and executive producer, Jeb Stuart, confirmed earlier this month that Vikings: Valhalla will not continue past its third season

While a disappointment for fans of the show, it is hoped that the writers have had the chance to plot a suitable denouement to the historical tale. 

Detailed information about the plot is still hard to come by, but the official trailer suggests that Netflix has an action-packed season in store. 

The clips point to great feats and struggles in Constantinople but also suggest that Leif is looking to sail west and Harald is returning to Norway. 

The trailer also hints at Freydís seeking a new home away from Jomsburg, and King Canute is seen paying tribute to Christian leaders. 

No one knows exactly what will follow, but it certainly promises to be a thrilling ride.

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