Construction workers may not be the first choice to fill Harrison Ford's shoes as the new Indiana Jones, now that he's over 80 years old. However, on the Polish island of Wolin, some of the workers may have stumbled upon an archaeological treasure.

When work began on an observation tower in a public park on Wolin, a Polish island smack bang in the middle of the Baltic Sea, these wannabes Indiana Jones uncovered what archaeologists believe to be the foundations of a fortress. 

This could be seen as vital evidence that the mythical Jomsborg Fortress was historically real and not just the stuff of sagas and legends.

Scroll through any of the sagas, and you'll see mention of both the Jomsborg Vikings and their impressive island fortress. Their skill in battle was so great, and their reputation so fierce they were the elite shock troops of their day. 

The fortress was also said to be in the Baltic Sea. This was essentially a "Viking Pond" with trade routes, mainly focused on slave trading, connecting Scandinavia, the Baltic, and Central Europe to each other.

Wojciech Filipowiak, an archaeologist at Poland's Academy of Sciences, has worked on the archaeological dig since it was first uncovered by the construction workers and told the New York Times, "It is exciting."

For the first time since the Vikings sailed, these construction workers may very well have unearthed hard archaeological proof of the famed fortress.

Work continues, but for now, the allure of discovering proof of a Viking saga awaits Filipowiak and his team on Wolin.

The New York Times article on the latest discovery is available here.

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