The island's planning committee gave its initial approval to Hall's plan to set up a Viking settlement attraction.

The Viking Herald reached out to Chris Hall, who was immersed in "ironing out" the final details of the bureaucratic side of the project while he waited for the approval to become final on July 29.

Hall sounded excited - and a bit exhausted - in light of the most recent developments.

As he revealed in November, in order to create a highly authentic settlement, he plans to construct robust wooden structures.

An authentic Viking attraction

Should it be approved, the development is likely to include a "Folkvangr" area (a "field of the people") which guests could visit after participating in activities in the woodland on the land.

The area is also supposed to serve as a platform for numerous activities, including shield building and staged re-enactments with people trained in weapon fighting. Children would also get an opportunity to test out their own creations.

The settlement is likely to include a farmhouse, barn, forge, temple, and animal pens, where farmers and artisans in traditional outfits could teach children about old traditions and practices.

If no objections from the public are received by July 29, the approval is expected to become final. 

Next steps

In a recent interview with The Viking Herald, Hall stated that he aims to get the site to run on a permaculture basis. He also expressed hopes that the public would support the project.

"We are hoping to build the structures from wind fallen and sustainable wood from the island, so being able to receive donated trees and turn them into materials on site is critical to the success of the project. 

"We have several skilled craftspeople on the island who are waiting to get involved in the planning and building of the site; these are exciting times.
"Given I hope for this to be an environmental beacon for sustainability, with the whole site running on a permaculture basis, I hope that the public buys into this vision and supports it," Hall said at the time.

The Sandygate development is likely to include a farmhouse, barn, forge, temple, and animal pens. Source: Sandygate Viking Project

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