The National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh is the treasure's permanent home, but the items will be on display in Dumfries and Galloway until July of 2022.

The collection is currently being exhibited at Kirkcudbright Galleries, located in Kirkcudbright, a town in the Galloway region of southwestern Scotland. After that, it will be displayed at Aberdeen Art Gallery until October 23, 2022.

Metal detectorist Derek McLennan discovered the hoard – to much excitement – in 2014. It has been described as a major archaeological find in the UK.

Unique objects

"It is a great occasion, the Galloway hoard is finally out in Kirkcudbright where people can see it," Dr. Adrian Maldonado of National Museums Scotland (NMS) said, according to the BBC.

"There are objects which are completely unique to this hoard," Maldonado noted, adding:

"There is more gold in this hoard than in any hoard in Britain or Ireland, and there are objects that only exist within this hoard that we have never seen before."

The collection contains more than 100 Viking-age artifacts, and some experts have labeled it Scotland's most exciting treasure discovery in a century.

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