The name of this exciting new project inspired by Vikings? Battle Code: Ragnarök. 

The team behind the comic describes it as "an epic comic book saga of Torhild Einarsdottir: a young Space Viking on a near-suicide quest for avenging her dead father."

In case you weren't already hooked on the Space Viking revenge plot, we interviewed one of the authors of the comic - Alan Gajewski of - to find out even more exciting details on the project.

TVH: First things first. Could you kindly introduce yourselves to our audience? 

AG: I've been drawing for as long as I can remember and have tied my future to it. Life eventually drove me to design, but I've been collecting comics for years and am an avid reader. I also enjoy supporting other independent creators. It's always been my dream to release my own comics. Yet, I feel most strongly about drawing, so I needed someone to develop a meaningful story. That's how we've eventually paired up with Adrian, who wanted to release something of his own as a writer.

TVH: Could you also tell us a bit more about

AG: We are a team of two comic creators. I do the illustration (as AL GOYO), and my pal, Adrian Liput, covers the storytelling part. What's funny is that we started out as a content marketing agency. But we both wanted to tell stories, and our talents complemented each other. Add to that a passion for comics... the result is Yelly Studio, where we're finally making dreams come true instead of putting them on hold. We want to do everything our own way. Independently, creatively, and without limits.

TVH: Ok... Moving on to the juicy stuff. How did you come up with the "Vikings in Space" comic idea?

AG: It was Adrian's idea. He enjoys pop culture tropes related to the Viking Age and strange combinations of story plots. It just so happened that after three months of "AC: Valhalla" playthrough, he decided to stick with the futuristic-Viking vibe a bit longer. So he wrote a sci-fi story, which he sent me in raw form. I found it fun to read and thought it would be a great idea to make it into a comic book. And the dinosaur-like creatures? We took those from Kung Fury - that was another source of inspiration.

The Battle Code: Ragnarök. Blood on Ice comic book takes warriors in horned (yes, horned - don't let historical accuracy ruin your fun) helmets to a distant corner of space. Photo: yelly studio

TVH: And now you have a Kickstarter campaign aimed at supporting the project... What are your goals for the funding drive? What's the planned timeline for the project?

AG: The campaign ends on June 30. Our initial goal was to gather 500 euros for the first modest printing and... We managed to accomplish this in 12 hours. Now, we want to reach the 400% target, which will allow us to add +4 pages with an interesting additional story - for free, to every person who supports us. We don't really know where all this will take us. 

But the goal is clear: to create a three-issue comic book series and do other projects (we already have some concrete ideas in our drawer). The last part of "Battle Code: Ragnarök" should come out in the middle of next year. What comes after that? Stay tuned, as we still have a few tricks up our sleeve! The whole focal point of our activity will probably be crowdfunding. It allows us to reach people from all over the world.

TVH: What benefits can your supporters expect?

AG: They can be the first to receive our comic book - including the version with the alternative cover limited to 30 copies! We've been supporting the indie scene for years, so we know how significant those seemingly trivial collectible extras are. That's why we offer killer rewards for various support thresholds. For example, the chance to receive an original test print of the first two pages or an appearance in our comic... as an impaled head. But most of all: you can support ambitious, independent creators and join them in their adventure!

From the beginning, we focused not only on Polish readers but mainly on the US and Europe. This is where we found a lot of support from people. The story is written in English, and the comics will be sent worldwide.

If you want to find out more about the project or support it on Kickstarter, you can do so here.

BC:R is the work of a creative collective named Yelly Studio, with two creators behind it: AL GOYO (illustrator, colorist) and Adrian Liput (writer). This is their first comic book made together. Source: yelly studio

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