Visitors will get the chance to try traditional food or look into handicrafts. The upcoming festival will be a special one as Norsewood, originally settled by Scandinavians, marks its 150th year in 2022.

Most of its Scandinavian settlers came to New Zealand from Norway in 1872 in the Hovding.

Festival organizer Eva Renbjor decided to move to Norsewood after going back and forth between New Zealand and Norway for about 20 years, since 1998.

Renbjor wanted to do something to share a bit of her personal background and experiences with the locals while at the same time recognizing Norsewood's unique history, according to NZ Herald.

"It will be our little part of history," Renbjor noted.

Viking history and culture

Vikings, Viking culture, and Viking history were a big part of Renbjor's life in Norway.

"I've grown up with it. For me, it's very normal," she told the NZ Herald.

She noted that people were becoming more interested in history and were fascinated with the lifestyle and culture of the Vikings.

The festival will be a chance for people to see and experience parts of Viking life firsthand, as a replica of a Viking village will be set up, with a variety of stalls that will offer Viking food, handcrafts, and tools.

Visitors will also get a chance to learn how to build Viking tents, and a movie will also be played in the hall.

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