Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Minnesota Vikings are a professional American football team. The Minnesota Vikings were established on January 28, 1960. They made their first game debut in 1961.

The team is obviously named after our favorite Scandinavian sailors of old – but why? The primary reason is the state's large percentage of Norwegian, Danish, and Swedish immigrants. Over 1 million Scandinavian immigrants and their descendants are estimated to live in Minnesota – the highest percentage of any American state. 

The ancient Vikings' notoriety as strong, tough, and relentless fighters doesn't hurt the same-named football team's reputation, either.

The Minnesota Vikings team's website is simply "," but its branding extends much further. For example, players' helmets feature horns on the side (though we now know Vikings didn't actually wear horned helmets, the association remains). The mascot is a Viking, who sometimes rides around the stadium on a motorcycle while sporting a horned helmet and a long, blond, braided wig. Blow-up drinking horns and longships have also been known to make an appearance during Minnesota Vikings games, especially on their home field, the U.S. Bank Stadium – which has a horned helmet-wearing, blonde Viking man's face painted on it.

Unfortunately, the team's branding doesn't seem to have given it a surplus of luck. In the four Super Bowls the Minnesota Vikings made it to – in 1970, 1974, 1975, and 1977 – they lost each time. Still, you've got to love their love for the ancient Vikings!

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