Looking for original Christmas holiday ideas this year? Then a trip to the Roskilde Viking Ship Museum might be just the thing you were looking for.

Throughout the Christmas period, the museum offers a host of exciting activities and tours for families and tourists from all walks of life.

These include opportunities for children to listen to stories about Viking Christmas and tours of the world-famous Viking ships stored at the museum. 

Also, visitors will be able to do some Christmas shopping in the museum shop and get treats at Café Knarr during the holidays.

Special Christmas tours

During the Christmas period, guests can join tours of the five Viking ships on display in the large museum hall. 

The ships provided scientists with rich insights into the world of the Vikings, where they served as the basis for the development of society. 
Tours are available both in Danish and English.

Viking ship tours in English begin every day at 11 AM CET, while tours in Danish start every day at 1 PM.

Note that on December 22, as well as between December 26 and January 1, the tour in Danish has been moved to 2 PM CET to make room for Christmas stories for children.

Exciting stories for children and a treasure hunt

Visitors – and especially children – will be able to enjoy a special Viking-themed storytime. All you will need to do is take a seat on the deck of the large ship and immerse yourself in the exciting stories about the Viking season of feast, Jól.

Guests will be able to hear the stories on December 22, as well as between December 26 and January 1, at 1 PM CET.

During the Christmas period, guests will be able to join Viking ship tours. Photo: Robin Cochrane / Shutterstock

The Roskilde Viking Ship Museum will also organize a treasure hunt-type mission (dubbed Mission Valhalla), where visitors can help the Norse god Tyr recover his lost courage.

The activity will take place every day up to and including January 1, 2023.

Christmas delicacies and gifts

The Viking Ship Museum's Café Knarr will be open every day throughout Christmas, so you'll be able to grab a small but delicious treat after a Christmas stroll in Roskilde harbor or along Roskilde Fjord. 

Among other things, the café offers delicious, warm apple slices with homemade berry compote and hot mulled wine - both with and without alcohol.

As the museum points out on its website, the mulled wine comes from Snoremark Mjød and is a lovely apple mulled wine with dried cranberries and almonds.

You will find a large selection of exciting jewelry and textiles typical for Scandinavian design in the museum's shop.

The items in the store are inspired by the materials and forms of the Viking Age and are carefully selected based on the principles of good craftsmanship and natural materials.

The museum shop is open every day throughout Christmas.

You can find more information about the museum's opening hours, admission fees, and other details here.

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