Wales247 has presented an overview of the many different swords that have been used in Scotland throughout the ages, showing that the Vikings had an impact on the Scots’ weapons.

Amongst the many Scottish swords presented are the bronze swords, the Celtic Scottish swords, and the Pictish Scottish swords, as well as swords whose origins have been traced back to the Vikings.

During the early Middle Ages, Scottish swords underwent several changes as the influence of the English and other Europeans increased.

Viking swords in Scotland 

However, the early Medieval swords used in Scotland, from the 9th to the 15th century CE, were not of Scottish origin. 

Instead, the Scandinavian Viking swords were the first medieval swords to have been used widely in Scotland. 

 This finding is corroborated by all the swords which have been found in Scottish graveyard mounds. 

Viking swords were widely used in Scotland. Photo: Dm_Cherry / Shutterstock

Double-edged blades

What characterized these Viking swords is that they were made of iron, had double-edged blades, and were between 80-90 centimeters long.

This goes to show the influence that the Vikings had on other countries. 

Indeed, the early medieval swords, which include the Viking swords, were used so widely that they even influenced the later versions of the two-handed Scottish swords. 

The importance of swords in Viking societies

Owning a sword in a Viking society was likely a symbol of conspicuous consumption, and it also signified high status and martial skill. 

Most Viking warriors would own a sword as the plunder and riches acquired in a single raid would often be enough to afford to either buy or trade one. 

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