Borrekaupangen is an event held every other year on the beach by the Viking burial mounds in the Borre village in the municipality of Horten, in Vestfold county, Norway.

The first market was held in 1994, and the Borre Vikinglag organization was created following that event because people interested in history wanted to stay in touch and share their love of history and crafts.

"We have a craft group that meets every Thursday afternoon to work and socialize... The market is now held every other year, but the one in 2020 was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so it's been four years since the last one," Borre Vikinglag chief Ranveig Jangaard Strand told The Viking Herald.

Scandinavian Viking enthusiasts - unite!

Members of the Borre Vikinglag from all over Scandinavia will arrive at the site the week before the market weekend to meet old friends, make new friends, participate in courses, and do their crafts in a historic environment.

"This year, we will have a highly anticipated event since the one in 2020 was canceled. There has been some insecurity during the planning of this year's event as well - will there be another outbreak, will there be another lockdown, and will our friends and participants from other countries get to travel to Norway?

"But the way things are now, we are prepared to give our participants, as well as the public, a break from their normal, digital lives, transport them back to a time when communication happened face to face. There will be historical music, people doing their crafts, Viking sword fights, and good food.

"We don't have any specific theme for our market, but we try to focus on crafts," Strand added.

How to register and get event tickets

If you're interested in the event, you can buy event tickets here

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