A part of a wooden shield, buckles, a brooch, and knives – as well as other Viking Age objects – were recently discovered during construction work in western Oslo, NRK Oslo og Viken reported this week.

The objects were likely buried underground around the 8th century CE. Experts also found human remains at the site.

The City Councilor for Urban Development in Oslo, Hanna E. Marcussen, herself a trained archaeologist, was able to look at the discovered artifacts. 

The objects were found in a pile in a garden in the west of Oslo close to Holmendammen, when the owners were to build a detached house, according to archaeologist Silje Hauge at the Oslo Municipality Cultural Heritage Management Office (Byantikvaren).

Archaeologists discovered the remains of a Viking-era grave on a plot of land close to Holmendammen in the Vestre Aker district of Oslo. Photo: Byantikvaren

A unique find

When it became clear that the objects could be valuable, the owners contacted Byantikvaren.

"This is the first time we have excavated a grave from the Viking Age in Oslo with so many artifacts," Hauge added.

"Actually, finding a Viking Age grave with so many objects and remains is very exciting... I almost want to become an archaeologist again," Marcussen added.

There are several mounds from the Iron Age within the construction zone in Oslo, but only some of them have been excavated. 

Now the objects from the grave will be analyzed.

"All the information that we can get out of the grave will be collected, including through the analysis of the bones. We also want to find out more about the person in the grave. We haven't had the chance to do that yet. It's very exciting", Hauge told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK).

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