The Scouts' Camp ends in Hedeland over the weekend, but Friday was the last day they had activities at the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark.

Viking activities for children and adults

At the Viking Ship Museum, the scouts were able to participate in various activities. They had their very own Viking camp on the lawn next to the museum, with activities that required pre-registration and drop-in activities.

Scouts of all ages were able to listen to the story of Erik the Red - the first European to settle in Greenland - several times a day. Things got a little wilder when the scouts embarked on the tour of Svend Tveskæg's conquest of England in 1013, as the museum's workers took the scouts on a war march! 

Sailing the fjord

The scouts were also able to sail out on Roskilde Fjord in a 20-person Faroe boat, a clinker-built wooden boat and a descendant of Viking ships. 

Everyone on board actively participated in rowing out of the museum harbor. 

Langø heading out onto the lake in Hedeland. Photo: Roskilde Viking Ship Museum

Popular "boat building" workshop

Many scouts discovered their inner shipbuilder when they took up the tools at the "boat building" workshop.

They worked on small model boats, which were later tested in a large pool before sailing in the inner harbor.

Gislinge boat completed and launched in Hedeland

Out at the camp in Hedeland, several hundred scouts put the finishing touches on a Gislinge boat during the week. 

The scouts helped forge ship nails together with the blacksmiths. They also make oars for the boat together with the Viking Ship Museum's boat builders and cut wooden nails so that the last parts of the boat can be finished. 

Ropes have also been made so that the mast could be raised, among other things. 

In addition to all this, the museum's old Gislinge boat Langø sailed on the lake in Hedeland, where the Scout Camp 2022 takes place. Langø was built in connection with the Gislinge Boat Open Source project, which was started back in 2015. 

Many small boats were built and tested out at the scouts' "boat building" workshop. Photo: Roskilde Viking Ship Museum

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