The reenactment event is organized by the history groups Storrada Hird - Drużyna Wojów Świętosławy, and Odr Hird, in cooperation with David Watson, owner of the Moorforge Viking Settlement.

The modern Vikings will meet at the Cumbrian Viking site to carry out the "Althing," a Viking concept that describes a meeting that aims to put forward laws at a national level.

In times of old, the Althing would be accompanied by trading and several competitive activities (battles, tournaments, and more). 

The Storrada Hird reenactment group

"The founder and leader of Storrada Hird is Rafał Wszebor Wawrzynek. The group shares a common passion for early medieval history and combat.

"As such, their style of combat is different from that usually practiced by British-based reenactors, with the 'Eastern' style being much more intense and entertaining for onlookers.

"The group has also been helping Moorforge owner and Gilcrux village blacksmith, David Watson, to develop the Moorforge site by laying paths and erecting timber structures.

"Already hosting school visits, craft workshops, and monthly folk music sessions, this will be the biggest event yet at Moorforge," Angelika Dobrosława Wawrzynek of the Storrada Hird told The Viking Herald. 

Fights, fire dancing…

The organizers of the festival will be joined by multiple combat groups for several rounds of fighting. Traders, a fire dancer, and Preston-based, Viking-inspired caterers "Scrandinavia," will also be present on site.

The organizers aim to establish the festival as a well-known Viking reenactment event.

"We believe Moorforge Althing Festival, brand new today, in years to come, will be recognized as one of the most respectful Viking Age reenactment events. 

"We aim to achieve this by creating a unique environment, a real event made by reenactors for reenactors rather than another mild and dull tourist-friendly festival…

"The Althing will be a place of high-level reenactment, great fights, and trade. We will be organizing duels, tournaments, battles, folk games, and more," Moorforge Althing Festival's Facebook page states.

More information can be found on the Moorforge Althing Festival's Facebook page.

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