Glacial archaeologists from Innlandet County's Secrets of the Ice and the Museum of Cultural History in Oslo have uncovered a fascinating arrowhead during their fieldwork in the Jotunheimen Mountains in Norway. 

"The arrowhead was found during an exploratory survey of a new archaeological site at an ice patch (non-moving glacier) in the Jotunheimen Mountains in Innlandet County, Norway. There are a few other finds here, including arrows.

"The artifact (in question) is a three-bladed (trilobed) arrowhead. It is our first such arrowhead from the ice. The type is known from elsewhere but rare. 

"It was probably used for hunting game (in this case, reindeer)," Lars Holger Pilø, co-director of Secrets of the Ice at the Department of Cultural Heritage of the Innlandet County Council, told The Viking Herald via e-mail.

Typical of the Viking Age

The arrowhead was found while the researchers were carrying out an initial exploratory survey. As such a unique artifact was uncovered, the Secrets of the Ice team will likely return to the site to conduct further surveys. 

The shape of the arrow is typical of the Viking Age, according to Pilø. However, there is still some uncertainty surrounding its function.

"Initially, we speculated that it was an arrow for war, but it is too broad for penetrating chain mail," Pilø explained.

According to experts, the arrowhead was probably used for hunting. Photo: Secrets of the Ice

Secrets of the Ice

The Secrets of the Ice website and social media belong to the Glacier Archaeological Program in Innlandet County, Norway. 

"We cover our own glacial archaeological work and similar work of our colleagues in North America, Canada, Mongolia, and the Alps. 

"We also cover other aspects of frozen heritage such as Ice Age animals appearing from the permafrost and human burials in permafrost. 

"In short, we tell the story of a world that is melting due to anthropogenic climate change," Pilø concluded.

This is the first such arrowhead that the Secrets of the Ice team extracted from the ice. Photo: Secrets of the Ice

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